Win a POSB Smart Scholarship for your child to strengthen all their smarts at Neobael 5-day holiday workshops this year-end!

How to apply:

  • Post a photo of their child against the Zoom background received with their Smiley’s World of Smarts game report on your Instagram feed (please ensure that your account is made public); 
  • Use the hashtag #posbsmileyworldofsmarts in your caption;
  • Tag 3 friends; and
  • Tag and follow @posb on Instagram. 

How it works:

  1. 50 winners will be selected on a first come first serve basis
  2. Winners will be contacted via Instagram Direct Message for their registered Smiley’s World of Smarts email.
  3. Winners will receive an email containing the details of and instructions as to how to claim the Prize.
POSB Smart Scholarship (For 6 to 9 Years)Planning a world tour

When music bands go on tours around the world, they perform at concerts and make time to give back to fans. Although the band gets the glory, it’s the managers that are running the events from behind the scenes!

In this one of a kind module, students assume the role of the managers whose job it is to plan the band's next big set of shows. They pick where in the world to perform, keep the band on the right timezone, project manage the design of the stage and organise charity events to ensure that it's the best tour ever.

At the end of the module, students will code a web page that will keep fans updated with the band's activities! This module is designed to help younger kids get their first taste of project management, and learn about other cultures and people at the same time!

Learning Outcomes

Technology & Art

  • Coding in HTML to make a mobile friendly website
  • Creating a stage design

Maths & Science

  • Reading time on clock face
  • Drawing hands on clock face to show time
  • Explaining time zones
  • Describing longitude and latitude lines
  • Using reasoning to explain decisions

Language & Literacy

  • Writing poetry through songwriting
  • Sharing imagination, thoughts and feelings through art making
  • Speaking clearly according to social and cultural norms
  • Organising and planning for events
POSB Smart Scholarship (For 10 to 12 Years)Travelling through a rainforest

In this carefully curated module, learners imagine themselves as a travel blogger planning a once in a lifetime trip to a rainforest. Fascinated by what they might find when they get there, this module is a mix of researching the unknown, purposefully asking why, and communicating effectively along the way.

Concepts explored include explaining the science behind the rainforest climate, gaining a deeper understanding of communicating proportion using fractions and charts, and how to research without plagiarizing.

The module culminates with an exciting journey into coding a web page to reach their followers! This is the perfect module to scientists, fledging journalists and everyone in between.

Learning Outcomes

Technology & Art

  • Working with HTML5 to create a mobile friendly factbook about rainforests
  • Creating imagery to represent the rainforest climate

Maths & Science

  • Recognising the importance of the water cycle
  • Reading and interpreting pie charts

Language & Literacy

  • Selecting relevant information from factual texts
  • Using text features to break apart ideas
  • Organising and express ideas in writing
About Neobael

Neobael is an online enrichment platform for primary aged learners. Our aim is to make quality international style education affordable and accessible. The lessons we deliver reimagine the MOE curriculum as interdisciplinary project based modules that inspire curiosity and encourage long-lasting learning. Each Neobael class is designed to be engaging, while focusing on the skills and knowledge that primary aged learners need to be successful in life.

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